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educational advocate

Dr. Rene D. Massengale

Dr. Rene D. Massengale joins the Therapy Group part-time as a parent trainer and educational advocate. She is the mother of two children, Kyle and Emily, and her daughter Emily is profoundly deaf and has bilateral cochlear implants. After personally navigating the special education system with her own child, she is now committed to helping other parents successfully do the same. She offers parent workshops, training, and advocacy support for families with children with special needs, particularly those with speech, language, or hearing impairments. Her unique perspective as a parent of a special needs child and knowledge of the special education laws, related services, and choices available can help you make successful and informed choices for your child. A parent is a child’s best advocate, so contact her to learn how you can learn about the special education process, learn how to meet your child’s needs, and advocate successfully for your child at school and in the community. For more information more information call Therapy Group of Waco at 254-315-2205.