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Therapy group of Waco offers tutoring services for several academic subjects, including math, reading, science and language arts.  All of our tutors are certified teachers and have several years of teaching experience.  Based upon your child’s tutoring need, we select the tutor best qualified to work with your child.

In the area of math, we have several tutors.  We have a tutor specifically for high school and college  subjects such as Algebra, Calculus and Geometry.  Furthermore, we have tutors who specialize in tutoring students in both middle school and elementary school.

In the area of reading, we have several tutors to choose from.  Several areas of reading are targeted during reading tutoring, including site words, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary.  Depending on your child’s age and specific area of weakness, a tutor will be selected who is most qualified to work with your child.

If you are interested in a tutor for any other areas,  please call our office to schedule a baseline assessment and inquire how Therapy Group of  Waco can meet your child’s needs.