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As a school therapist and former university clinician, I wanted a quick and convenient way to collect data and to document progress over a period of treatment. Over the course of several years, I developed several data collection tools which met those needs. The need for a “therapy data” collection resource evolved into the company called “TheraDat”.

TheraDat provides several tools which aid in quick and convenient data collection. TheraDat pads come in a variety of sizes and styles. Each TheraDat pad has a place to write the client’s name, date, target goal, percentage achieved per goal and pre-printed grids for data collection purposes. TheraDat pads allow for quick, inconspicuous and concise data collection.

Pre and Post Testing Articulation Tablets allow the clinician to document progress of a client by conducting a pre and post test using the same stimulus items each time. This pre and post test can be used at IEP meetings to show progress the child has made throughout the school year. It can also be used as a screening or additional assessment tool in order to determine a possible need for articulation therapy.

TheraDatTheraDat Phoneme Sound Cards provide a great way to introduce new phonemes and sounds to children. They can be used in articulation therapy or in phonological awareness training activities.