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Phoneme Pre/Post Articulation Tablets

8x11 inch tablets which include a total of 75 word probes for initial, medial, and final word positions for each phoneme.  Stimulus words are chosen to assess the various vowels and dipthongs which may precede or follow the targeted phoneme.  Two columns are provided for data collection of pre-test and post-test responses.  Excellent tool for documenting progress and justifying treatment.  Each tablet contains 25 pre/post testing protocol sheets.

#1-A:  Set A:

#1-B:  Set B:
#1-CS: Complete Set:
(all 23 phoneme tablets)

#1-1: Individual Tablets:
(specify desired tablet) 
 $ 49.00
 $ 69.00
 $ 99.00
 $  5.50