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August 2010

I cannot adequately express how important Janet Sanker is to my family. When my husband and I realized that our son had a language delay (he was two at the time), we arranged evaluations and requested recommendations from professionals at various agencies. Thereafter, we began rigorous speech therapy. We witnessed progress over the next year, but his pre-school teachers were increasingly frustrated because he wasn’t on track with his peers. To be honest, we were asked to remove our son from pre-school and a speech program during his third year. Then we found Janet Sanker! Janet’s ability to understand my son’s needs and frustrations is remarkable. She not only intuits what he’s thinking or wanting—she seems to read his mind!—Janet finds creative ways to solve his problems. Her patience, constancy, and intelligence are extraordinary. Not only has my son made significant language strides as Janet’s client, my family has achieved the long-desired support that we have been seeking from the educational/therapeutic community for two years. Truly, Janet is the only professional who has not turned us away. Her optimism, compassion, and care for our family are unusual even among professional therapists. I will be forever grateful to Therapy Group for Janet. L.W.

February 2009

I first saw TheraDat sticky note pads several years ago at a speech-language convention. I have used them nearly every day since then in my speech therapy sessions. With the increase in progress monitoring and data keeping in the schools, I have started showing the teachers I work with your wonderful product so they can use it too. The forms are so easy to use, and I never lose my data sheets this way.

If you have had experience with TheraDat forms, please tell us about it. We love to hear from our customers.

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