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Therapy Group of Waco

“Strengthening The Children”

Therapy Group of Waco (TGW) offers speech therapy and academic tutoring services for children ages 2-21. TGW’s primary goal is to “strengthen children” enabling them to perform to their highest potential. Additionally, we are committed to providing the highest quality of services on behalf of our clients.

Another core belief we have is that parental involvement in the child’s tutoring or therapy is a critical part of the therapy process as well as your child’s ultimate success. Parents are encouraged to observe and actively participate in their child’s therapy session. It is the belief of the staff of TGW that in order for a child to gain the most benefit from our services, the family must be actively involved in the therapy process.

Speech therapy, dyslexia therapy and tutoring sessions are conducted during or after school on a weekly basis. Often during the summer months, children tend to regress in the absence therapy and tutoring services. In an effort to maintain progress made during the school year, we offer special services that focus on reinforcing the skills the child has acquired during the school year. Building upon that foundation over the summer months positions the child for even greater success when returning to school following summer break.

If you would like for TGW to contact you regarding services we offer, please complete our information form and one of our therapists will contact you. If you have any other questions or would like to talk to us directly please contact us at: or Andrea Nall @ 254-235-1850.