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Speech Therapy

“Speech Language Pathology for Children”

The Therapy Group of Waco clinic offers speech and language therapy for children of all ages.  Our clinic has approximately 1600 sq. feet with six therapy rooms.  The therapists’ primary goal at Therapy Group of Waco  is to provide the highest quality of diagnostic and speech/language therapeutic services to children in the Central Texas area.

We believe parental involvement in the child’s therapy is a significant part of the therapy process.  Parents are encouraged to observe and actively participate in their child’s therapy sessions.  It is the belief of the staff of Therapy Group of Waco, that in order for children to receive the maximum benefit from our services  the family must be integrally involved with the therapy process.

Speech therapy sessions are conducted during or after school on a weekly basis.  Our therapists provide therapy at the clinic, in the home, and at your child’s daycare.   During the summer, for those children who receive speech therapy services during the school year, we offer speech therapy that will focus not only on maintaining the skills the child has achieved during the school year but building upon those skills.  Often times during the summer months, children regress due to the absence of school based speech therapy.  Therapy Group of Waco provides therapy services for children aimed at maintaining and enhancing the child’s skills over these summer months.

Our staff of nine speech – language pathologists and  assistants are among the most qualified in the Waco area.  The therapists of Therapy Group of Waco have a combined total of 60 years of experience ranging from university clinical instructors to a licensed bi- lingual speech language pathologist who serves on the Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Task Force of the Texas Speech-Hearing Association (TSHA).

We offer speech and language therapy for the following:

Therapy provided for:
  • stuttering
  • articulation
  • oral expression
  • auditory comprehension
  • receptive and expressive language
  • autism
  • reading deficits
  • social skills

If you would like for a therapist from Therapy Group of Waco to contact you regarding services we offer, please fill out  and email this form. If you have any questions or would like to talk to us directly please contact Andrea Nall @  254-235-1850 or send an email to