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My daughter has been attending speech therapy at Therapy Group of Waco for over four years.  She was born with some developmental delays, and her speech has been one of the most severe.  While she is eligible for services at her school, we have chosen to continue her speech therapy with Therapy Group of Waco because of the extraordinary service they provide.  Her therapists have taken the time to get to know her and work with her at every level she has mastered.  I appreciate the individualized plans they have designed for her and the energy and effort they have put forth to help her achieve her goals.  I am also grateful for the communication they have with us- whether it is a note of praise or a request for encouragement, the lines of communication are always open.  Above all else, though, I am thankful for the love they have for my daughter.  From the smiles and greetings at the front door, to the hugs at the end, each person there has a servant’s heart that shines. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I am grateful that Therapy Group of Waco is a part of mine.

If you are looking for quality care in speech therapy or academic tutoring Waco Therapy Group is the place to go. Waco Group Therapy provides excellent service with experienced and caring personnel. Our family has attended speech therapy,  dyslexia therapy, academic tutoring and many summer camps here and the staff has become like family to us because you couldn’t ask for a better group of professionals to help your children. 

S Craven

For years we have had concerns for our grandson, we knew he showed signs of being behind academically and that he had a speech problem.  The opportunity to help him did not present itself until recently.  He is 9 years old.
When we went in to visit with Andrea Nall at Therapy Group of Waco, we were met with professionalism and a very “kid friendly” environment.  We laid our concerns for our grandson out to Mrs. Nall.  He is 9 years and cannot read or make all his letter sounds, we cannot understand him and we only have a few short months to help him.  We were met with assurance that we had come to the right place.
After evaluation, our grandson began therapy twice a week , with Courtney Broaddus.  What looked like an impossible task to us began to come together.  Our grandson’s speech was improving with each session and he was reading by the end of 4 months.  In this time we saw relationship develop between Mrs. Broaddus and our grandson that strengthened him to believe that he could have success.
Our window of opportunity has closed.  We know that much help is still needed , we also know that we made a foundational investment that he can build on.  We are praying that he will be presented with opportunities to build on that foundation.
Thank you, Therapy Group of Waco and many thanks to you Courtney for your “special and warm way” in which you work with children who have needs.
Grandpa and Grandma

As most children do, our daughter had trouble pronouncing certain consonants. For awhile we thought it was cute when she said “Tookie” instead of “Cookie” or “Telma” instead of “Thelma” – we just thought it was one of those stages all children go through. We began to notice that this particular stage had lasted much longer than others. When her pre-school teacher mentioned it to us, we knew it was time to ask for help.

We contacted Andrea Nall at Therapy Group of Waco and visited with her about our daughter’s speech. She reviewed with us the usual progression, and in doing so we learned that most children outgrow this in their 3’s (our daughter was nearing 5 at the time).

Our daughter was thoroughly evaluated by Courtney Broaddus in a very low key, fun process that our daughter really enjoyed. She underwent therapy with Courtney – both at her school and also at the Therapy Group office. Not only did she enjoy the entire process, but progressed quickly as well. Courtney spent a good deal of time with us to help us learn how to help our daughter throughout the rest of the week to help keep her on track. Courtney prepared individualized games and stories for our daughter to reinforce the lessons she learned in her sessions that week.

I was very impressed with the professionalism, expertise and “kid friendly” environment and staff at Therapy Group of Waco and would give them my highest recommendation. We have since recommended them to several friends as well as our daughter’s teacher for any students who may need assistance. Our daughter enjoyed her time at Therapy Group so much she’s returning for Camp Read this summer.

I cannot say thank you enough for the help you have given my son with reading and handwriting. When we started Camp Read this summer, my son hated reading. He did not want to read for anything. I had to fight with him when he was in school to make him do his reading homework. Sometimes it would take 4 to 5 hours to get his homework done. We saw an advertisement for Camp Read and decided to give it a try. I am so glad that we did! We saw an improvement in his reading over the 5 week camp and he started to like reading a little more. We decided to let him do Camp Read in the fall (he loved going to camp and wanted to go again). A few weeks after the fall Camp Read had started, they had a book fair and he asked if we could go buy a book. He bought a book and was excited to start reading it. I was excited he wanted to read it! When we got in the car he looked at it and said, “Mom, this is a chapter book!” He had never read a chapter book before and was thrilled to try to read it. It had nine chapters. He read the book all the way home and continued to read it when we got home. I can’t tell you how great it was to have to tell my seven year old son to put the book down and do his math homework. The next morning he read the book on the way to school and while we waited for the bell to ring for him to go to class. By the time he went to class he was on chapter 6. He finished the book on the way home from school. He says he LOVES to read now. I am having trouble keeping up with new books for him to read. He says that reading is not so hard to do. He tells me that he is glad he went to reading camp and that over the summer he would like to go again so that he can get a head start on third grade. His teacher says she has seen an improvement in his reading since the beginning of the year as well. Everyone at the Therapy Group of Waco is GREAT! They really take time to make the kids feel comfortable and they don’t make them feel bad if they have a little trouble. Along with the reading camp, we also did the summer writing camp and in those 8 weeks, his handwriting improved so much. He is left handed and they really helped him learn better ways to hold his pencil and hand to make it easier to write. He loves coming to the camps and is sad because his last night is coming up. He told me he would like me to sign him up for more classes. I am so glad we saw your advertisement. Thank you all again for everything you have done to help my son. D.Y.

We did not start speech therapy until my son turned 9, so I thought we were too late. We weren’t! He made so much progress with Mrs. Andrea in just one semester. She has good rapport with boys and my son trusted her immediately.
She pours a lot of love into her clients and adjusts her techniques to meet with their learning styles. (M. W.- Waco)

After my son Carson’s first nine weeks of 2nd grade, my husband and I noticed that he had not progressed much in reading from the end of his 1st grade year. Carson was also working with a speech teacher at his school on sounds and language development. We contacted Andrea and told her of our concerns. She evaluated him and set up a program based on areas of reading and language where he needed help. Carson loved going to see Ms. Andrea. They quickly bonded and became friends. At the end of his sessions we saw marked improvement. His TPRI score was 42 words per minute before his sessions, and 72 words per minute afterwards. His independent reading level on the STAR comprehension test was at a 1.6 before his sessions with a 2.9 afterwards. We still use decoding and rhythms to read fluently. She taught all of us. Julie Schrotel

Will-age 5 and Colin-age 3 love Mrs. Andrea, The Speech Teacher. They have learned so much from her this past year. When I had them tested with
the school system and they didn’t qualify because of a difference of a few percentiles I knew we needed to make sure they got the help they needed to be ready for school. The boys love that if they work hard on their therapy games with Mrs. Andrea at the desk that they get rewarded by choosing their fun game for floor time. Andrea always takes the time to explain to me
just what to work on with them for next time too and gives us fun activities to motivate them to practice. It’s so nice to have an expert tell you how to help your child and show you just how to hold your mouth the right way to produce the correct sound. The thing we will always be the most grateful for is that Colin can proudly tell the world that his name is “Colin” with
the /k/ sound and not Tolin.


I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the difference you have made in the lives of our students at Rapoport Academy. Having served us for quite a few years, you have caught hearing and vision problems early so that intervention could prove effective. You have diagnosed and served our children who need speech therapy remarkably well. Your willingness to work in tandom with the teachers has contributed significantly to the progress that each child has made in the classroom as well as in rectifying speech problems.
During ARDS you have used your extensive expertise to help the staff understand student problems and avenues to addressing and solving those problems. Your ability and willingness to relate to our parents and families has helped pull these folks into the therapy process – building support throughout the family/school team for student success.
It is not often that I take the time to thank you for all that you do through Theradat…and this is long overdue. Thank you Andrea… Dr. Nancy Grayson

Superintendent, Rapoport Academy Public School Waco, Texas

Thank you so much Leslie and Marie for the help you have been giving Kaiti and Joseph. Since they were able to get back into the speech program, I have seen their grades jump back up to the high 80’s and 90’s. I know that getting them back in speech is what helped them be able to bring their grades up. The school had released them from the speech program and so I contacted Andrea and I am so glad I did. I just thank God for letting our pathways meet. May God continue to bless your business Andrea and all of your speech teachers. We Love You, Debbie, Kaiti, and Joseph Bowen.

We juSt wanted to Say THANK YOU for your Speical way of inStructing little oneS who need help with their Speech. Renee alwayS enjoyed her leSSonS, the gameS, and the poSitive encouragement you offered. We will try to “keep up the good work” aS we work together to promote proper “S” SoundS throughout the Summer. ThankS for making it fun! 🙂 Krista

This letter is to recognize the hard work that the therapists display when working wtih the children at our facility. They come in with very positive attitudes. Examples of progress: There was a 2 year old child that was babbling and not able to communicate. After 6 months, the child talks in
sentences and imitates conversations. Another child is a three year old who
could not pronounce certain sounds and we were unable to understand what the child said. This caused the child to be frustreated. After working with the child for a short time, the child’s sounds improved and was more understandable. The child’s frustration diminished. I would like to let you all know that I thank you and hats off, a standing ovation, to Andrea and Rose for your dedication and hard work with the children.

Louise Gillum

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